Rate of Motion

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'Rate Of Motion' is a preset collection for U-He Zebra 2.5 soft synthesizer created by Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound. Picking up where 'Zebrasonix' left off: with more melodic and rhythmically interesting arpeggiator programming, weird wonderful and useful modwheel settings, and all 4 X/Y pads mapped and ready to tweak to fit your tracks.  

'Rate Of Motion' features 116 Brand New Original Patches each with:

• A unique arpeggiator setting  

• Modwheel settings  

• All 4 X/Y pad settings  

• And most with customized WAVeforms (Also included is 1 variation of each preset for 232 patches all total)  

• 26 Zebrify effect patches are included as a bonus   From dubstep to triphop to industrial, this is a wide ranging soundset that offers as much variety as the modern producer needs.  


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